Author Jean Young

Jean Young is a mother of two amazing children and a wife to a loving husband. She enjoyed reading as a child and often dreamed about traveling to faraway places. She lived in England, Africa and Nepal during her studies but she wishes she had traveled more. She loves making up stories for her children while on vacation to keep them occupied during the times waiting in line or waiting for food at the restaurants. Some of her stories were born from those times.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel through time and space? Two lucky children discovered a magical portal in their house. With the help from the Guardian of the Portal, Benjamin and Julia went through the portals to help people in need. The children used their imagination and wit to find answers to the problems they were faced with. How far would they go to help the blue people who live in the underground world? Would they be able to find the missing one hundred people from the first human colony on Mars? 

Find out by reading this exciting book!

Paperback ISBN: 9781629896861
eBook ISBN: 9781629896878
Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy
Release Date 04/17/2017
Julia and Benjamin are back on another adventure through the Portal. This time, they travel to the TRAPPIST-1 star system (located 235 trillion miles from Earth) to save the astronauts from crashing into the forcefield around the star’s planets.  

Who put up the force field around the planets in the first place? Julia and Benjamin must travel four hundred million years back into the past to solve the mystery and help two races of aliens from destroying each other. Will they succeed? What will they imagine from the magic pouch to help them on their quest? 

Paperback ISBN: 9781629898148
eBook ISBN: 9781629898155
Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy
Release date 11/6/2017
Julia and Benjamin are back for another adventure through the portal. This time, they travel with George Washington to an alternate universe where the British won the war. The trio must race against time to save the people from an oppressive force in the alternate world. What is the dangerous menace that is lurking beneath? How will they outwit the threat this time?

Paperback ISBN:
eBook ISBN:
Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy
Release Date to be determined
Squiggy is not your ordinary dolphin. He lost his dorsal fin shortly after he was born, and he almost died. Despite the hardship, he learned to swim and survive in the ocean with the help of his mother and his friends. Unfortunately, the humans capture Squiggy, and he is hurled into the human world. 

Tatianna is a girl who lost her arm in a terrible accident. She had little joy in her life until she met Squiggy. Tati and Squiggy develop a connection and inspire each other.  

More misfortune falls upon the fearless dolphin. Will Squiggy ever go back to the ocean? Will Squiggy ever find his mother again? 

Paperback ISBN: 9781629898100
eBook ISBN: 9781629898117
Genre: Middle Grade Animal Fantasy
Release Date 10/23/2017